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We specialize in sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair, drain installation, and plumbing services. Based in Sacramento, CA, our dedicated team ensures efficient water distribution, prevents water damage, and promotes healthy landscapes through expert irrigation and plumbing/drainage solutions. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, we’re your trusted partner for a vibrant outdoor environment.


Our mission is to create flourishing landscapes while conserving water resources through precision sprinkler and irrigation solutions. We aim to enhance outdoor spaces, provide reliable service, and promote sustainable practices in every project we undertake.


Our vision is to be the foremost provider of efficient and sustainable landscape solutions, setting industry standards in sprinkler systems, irrigation, and drain/plumbing. We envision lush, thriving environments that reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental stewardship.


Our values embody excellence through honest and transparent service, promoting sustainability and innovation for thriving landscapes. Customer satisfaction, teamwork, and ethical conduct drive our commitment to quality and positive impact.

Sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation

Providing excellence in lawn care for over 20 years!

For the past two decades, our sprinkler repair business has consistently delivered exceptional service, earning a reputation for reliability, expertise, and customer satisfaction. With a track record of excellence, we’ve upheld our commitment to keeping landscapes vibrant and efficiently watered year after year.

Sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation

Premier Home Repair Specialist

Fixing older home issues in the Sacramento region since 2003. A trusted name in sprinkler repair, sprinkler installation, drain installation, and plumbing.

We excel in providing comprehensive solutions for sprinkler repair, irrigation installation, drain installation, and plumbing services. Our skilled team ensures precise repairs, efficient water distribution, and prevention of water damage. We expertly design and install irrigation systems tailored to each landscape’s unique needs, while our drain installation services prevent standing water and flooding.

Irrigation Services

Our sprinkler and irrigation services offer expert installation and repair solutions, ensuring efficient water distribution that keeps landscapes lush and vibrant. With a focus on sustainability and optimal functionality, we're dedicated to enhancing your outdoor environment.

Drain and Plumbing

Our drain installation services effectively manage water accumulation, preventing damage. With our plumbing expertise, we provide reliable solutions for repairs and installations, promoting water efficiency and sustainable practices.

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Giving to the Community

We believe in giving back to the community in several ways. Firstly, we provide reduced rate plumbing services to local nonprofit organizations and individuals in need, ensuring that everyone has access to essential plumbing repairs. Additionally, we sponsor and actively participate in local environmental and water conservation initiatives, supporting a healthier and more sustainable community. Lastly, we prioritize hiring and training local residents, contributing to employment opportunities and the growth of the local workforce.

Environmental Initiatives

We actively participate in community-wide environmental initiatives, such as water conservation campaigns, to promote responsible water usage and sustainable practices. Our plumbing services include eco-friendly options that contribute to reducing the community’s ecological footprint.

Community Education

We organize workshops and educational events to inform and empower community members about plumbing maintenance, water-saving practices, and other related topics. By sharing our knowledge, we aim to help homeowners make informed decisions that benefit both their households and the environment.