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Drain Installation

Our drain installation services prevent water accumulation, safeguarding your property from potential damage. Through strategic installations, we ensure effective water runoff and a dry, secure outdoor environment.

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Royal Blue solid and Royal Blue High Octane pipe

High Flow Drainage Systems

high octane drainage

We are proud to be the leading landscape company in California to offer Royal Blue dual wall and Royal Blue High Octane, eight slot high flow drainage pipe to our clients. Designed and distributed by French Drain Man (Almont, MI), this super flow pipe is the best on the market for yard drain and french drain systems. Superior water flow and strength compared to any other pipe available. This dual wall corrugated pipe is truly incredible for removing surface and ground water. Not only superior in quality and strength, but leading the industry in the green movement to limit PVC installation for drain systems.

PVC has chemicals that are believed to be harmful to plants and animals. This high quality HDPE material does not contain the same harmful chemicals, thus being a far better option to PVC. As well, this pipe outperforms ADS pipe in all catagories regarding strength and water intake. We endorse French Drain Man (Almont, MI) for their installation practices of this pipe which can be viewed on YouTube. Great work FDM for developing this eco-friendly, high flow, superior strength product. They also have a full line of cutting edge drainage products, including catch basins, gutter cleanouts, pop emitters and more! Call us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Drain System Installation

Benefits of a Drainage System

Installing a drainage system provides essential benefits for your property. It effectively prevents water accumulation, safeguarding against erosion, flooding, and potential structural damage. By redirecting excess water away from your landscape and foundation, it preserves your property’s integrity and prevents costly repairs. This proactive measure ensures a dry, secure environment that promotes healthy growth and longevity.

Drain installation

Prevents Flooding: A drainage system effectively manages excess water, preventing flooding and water damage to structures and landscaping.

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Erosion Control: By redirecting water away from vulnerable areas, a drainage system minimizes soil erosion and preserves landscape aesthetics.

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Prevents Mold and Mildew: Adequate drainage minimizes moisture accumulation, curbing the growth of mold and mildew in crawlspaces and basements.

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Preserves Property Value: Investing in a drainage system maintains your property’s value by preventing damage and ensuring a safe, attractive environment.

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Foundation Protection: Proper drainage prevents water accumulation around foundations, reducing the risk of foundation cracks and structural issues.

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French Drain Man

Downspout Leaf Filters

Introducing the ultimate solution for your downspout system: the Downspout Leaf Filter!

With our Downspout Leaf Filter, water flows smoothly without splashing or bouncing around, safeguarding your home exterior from damage caused by excessive water. It’s patented vent and removable screen make it low-maintenance and adaptable to your needs, allowing you to customize your filter for maximum effectiveness.

But that’s not all. Our filter also features a removable center, allowing you to run a camera, garden hose, or heat cable through it with ease. And with a universal fit for any 4-inch drainage pipe, installation is a breeze.

Drainage installation and repair - downspout pipe

Drain System Installation

Effective yard drainage is crucial to prevent flooding, erosion, and structural damage, ensuring a safe and healthy outdoor environment.

By efficiently managing water runoff, proper yard drainage also preserves landscape aesthetics and minimizes the risk of costly repairs. Investing in drainage solutions contributes to a sustainable and thriving outdoor space.

Drainage installation, drainage repair

Drain Installation

Drain Types

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this drainage pipe new to the market?

This pipe has been developed and used by French Drain Man in Michigan and select areas for several years. It’s been thoroughly tested.

Why don’t more contractors use it then?

The cost of shipping has been a deterrent. Although superior to any other pipe, freight has been a factor until now. Also, many contractors are interested in easier installation practices and not concerned with offering their clients the best materials and installation procedures.

Will I pay more for this pipe through Older Home Specialists if I hire you?

No. We have partnered with French Drain Man (Almont,MI) to provide this pipe in California and absorb the freight costs for our clients. The only difference is the quality of material and superior installation procedures.

Which do I need? Solid or perforated Royal Blue pipe?

This depends on your property. Solid pipe uses catch basins for water collection and typically will connect downspouts for the rain gutters. French drains use perforated pipe with nonwoven geotextile fabric (filter cloth) and 1-1/2” round gravel to allow water to flow through permeable material to the pipe and collect water from the ground and the surface. We will diagnose your property and offer advice on the best solution for your particular issues. Often both systems are installed side by side for optimum results.

What is nonwoven geotextile fabric and what is the difference between that and woven fabric?

Nonwoven geotextile fabric allows for high water flow. The particles of the fabric are connected without being woven, allowing water to flow through. This material is manufactured in different thicknesses, depending on the application. Woven fabric will allow minimum to zero water flow (example is high quality weed barrier).

Isn’t the black corrugated pipe (ADS) just as good?

No. Black single wall corrugated pipe was originally designed for agricultural use. Over time it was adapted for yard drain use. It was never designed to be crush proof. Royal Blue pipe was specifically designed for yard drain and french drain use, and is far more durable. Our Royal Blue products are dual wall. You can actually park a large truck on the solid blue and it won’t compromise.

Why is this pipe better than other drain pipe?

Superior strength, maximum water flow capability, and better for the environment than PVC. HDPE does not contain the same harmful chemicals as PVC. This HDPE pipe is made from virgin materials as well.

Doesn’t smooth wall pipe pipe flow better than corrugated pipe?

No. it has been established that once water begins flowing downstream that it surpasses the ridges and water flow is the same. Furthermore, our corrugated pipe has decreased inside ridges, assisting in flow. These corrugated ridges create turbulence in the pipe while water flows downstream, creating a cleaning affect on the inside of

What’s the difference between Royal Blue solid pipe and Royal Blue 8 slot High Octane?

Royal Blue solid pipe does not have perforations, while High Octane 8 slot has 8 slots per linear inch with larger openings than traditional ADS pipe. This allows for massive water flow. They are both in same eco-friendly family of HDPE material. They are both dual wall pipe and are extremely rigid compared to “box store “ black ADS (single wall corrugated pipe) and PVC drain pipe.

What’s the lifespan and warranty on the Royal Blue pipe?

Lifetime for collapsing. When installed with the specific 200 year adhesive tape it will not have penetration at the connections.

Why use this instead of PVC? Isn’t PVC better?

No. Royal blue is more strong than PVC drain pipe. It has more flow than perforated PVC. As well, Royal Blue comes in (up to) 100’ sections, where as PVC drain pipe comes in 10’ sections, making a weak spot for root entry every 10’. Many contractors don’t even glue PVC drain pipe, exaggerating the problem. Our installation uses 200 year adhesive tape and is specifically designed to seal the connections for life. Extremely sticky, stretchy, and bonds to the pipe permanently. As well, PVC pipe can crack and break in extreme weather conditions.

Regarding french drains, won’t water fall out of the slotted pipe as easy as it can go inside?

No. Royal Blue High Octane 8 slot perforated pipe is used for french drain applications. When installed it basically creates a large void in the ground, allowing water to enter and move. This is why we typically use 2-4 parallel sections of the High Octane pipe in the trench, which increases the void (thus increasing the flow.) The pipe is still graded with 2-3% grade downstream, allowing water to enter the pipe and then move downstream to the exit point, sump, or lift station. Water does not just soak in the ground (with exception to leach line applications).